Patient Video: Victoria’s Story

Video: Victoria, stage 4 lung cancer patient, discusses the impact that liquid biopsy testing had on her treatment and outlook.



Blood test is ready for clinical decision making: ddPCR detection of EGFR and KRAS mutations in ctDNA and EML4-ALK in circulating RNA show high sensitivity, specificity and concordance

The wait for results for a targeted mutation profile of a patient’s tumor has now been reduced to 72 hours. Results from a simple blood test (no invasive surgery) can determine whether the patient is eligible for targeted therapies such as EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKIs) or whether the tumor has developed a T790M resistant mutation for which a 3rd generation TKI may be more appropriate.

What To Do When I Am Diagnosed?

Focus on hope not doubt. I am over a 3 year stage IV lung cancer survivor and if I had listened to the odds I might not be here now.

A Pathway To Better Care

In Charting Lung Cancer Care, Proteins Hold the Answer  By Richard Hockett, M.D., Chief Medical Officer Oncologists don’t have it easy. I know because I speak with them all the time. They’re extremely busy doctors, managing many patients — each of whom is fighting any...

End The Misunderstandings

Biodesix Cares: Working Together to Improve Lung Cancer Awareness By David Brunel, CEO At Biodesix, lung cancer education and awareness are a priority all year long, and especially during the month of November. They are critical components of a new initiative,...