Clinical Investigators

Personalized medicine has the potential to significantly improve patient care, particularly in the practice of oncology.  With an ever increasing array of drug options and combinations, selecting the best treatment regimen for cancer patients presents a major challenge.  Biodesix strives to support excellence in clinical decision-making by developing products which address the full range of diagnostic and predictive medicine: from early diagnosis, to assessment of prognosis, to prediction and monitoring of patient response to specific therapies. Learn more.  Our clinical advantages include:

  • tests are available to all patients – including those for whom a tissue sample is inadvisable or not possible
  • clinicians get a current view of their patient (compared to biopsy tissue collected at the time of diagnosis)
  • rapid turnaround of test results, usually within 72 hours

Biodesix scientists have worked successfully with oncologists around the world on the development of the company’s first product, VeriStrat®. Biodesix appreciates the ability of clinicians to formulate and assess interesting and clinically-relevant questions and welcomes the opportunity to discuss areas for new collaborations.

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