Technical Papers

“Predictive value of a proteomic signature in patients with non-small-cell lung cancer treated with second-line erlotinib or chemotherapy (PROSE): a biomarker-stratified, randomised phase 3 trial” Gregorc V, Novello S, Lazzari C, Barni S, Aieta M, Mencoboni M, Grossi F, De Pas T, de Marinis F, Bearz A, Floriani I, Torri V, Bulotta A, Cattaneo A, Grigorieva J, Tsypin M, Roder J, Doglioni C, Giaj Levra M, Petrelli F, Foti S, Vigano M, Bachi A, Roder H; Lancet Oncol 2014;  15(7): 713-21.

“Proteomic Signature Predicts Response to a Therapeutic Vaccine in Pancreas Cancer, Analysis of GI-4000-02″, Richards D, Muscarella P, Bekaii-Saab T, Wilfong LS, Velanovich V, Raynov J, Flynn PJ, Fisher WE, Whiting SH, Timcheva C, Holmes T, Coeshott C, Mattson A, Roder H, Roder J, Cohn A, Rodell TC., AACR Annual Meeting 2014 San Diego, CA April 5-9 2014 5314

“Phase II Trial of Sorafenib and Erlotinib in advanced pancreatic cancer.” Cardin DB, Goff L, Li C, Shyr Y, Winkler C, DeVore R, Schlabach L, Holloway M, McClanahan P, Meyer K, Grigorieva J, Berlin J, Chan E; Cancer Medicine 2014; 3(3): 572-579

“Serum mass spectrometry analysis in primary ovarian cancer (OC) treated with surgery and adjuvant chemotherapy (CT)”, Roder H, Kasimir-Bauer S, Kimmig R, Wimberger P, Zeillinger R, Castillo-Tong D, Sehouli J, Vergote I, Mahner S, Roder J, Grigorieva J, Meyer K, Aktas B., ASCO Annual Meeting 2013, J Clin Oncol.

“Serum and Tumor Biomarkers Predict Outcome in the eLung Trial, a Multicenter, Randomized Phase IIb Study of Standard Platinum Doublets (PD) plus Cetuximab (CET) as First-line Treatment of Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC).” Miller P, Walker M, Tauer K, Atkins J, Sivarajan K, Patel V, Bastos B, Meyer K, Roder J, Uyeda L, Salazar S, Langer C, Socinski M, Spigel D, Schwartzberg L, ASCO Annual Meeting 2013, J Clin Oncol.

“Assessment of the association of the VeriStrat test with outcomes in patients (pts) with advanced pancreatic cancer (PC) treated with gemcitabine (G) with or without erlotinib (E) in the NCIC CTG PA.3 phase III trial.” Renouf J, Parulekar W, Grigorieva J, Tu D, Moore M, ASCO Annual Meeting, Chicago 2013, J Clin Oncol.

“Extending the Information Content of the MALDI Analysis of Biological Fluids (Deep MALDI)”, Duncan M, Asmellash S, Sayers K, Tsypin M, Roder J, Roder H, Proceedings of the 61st ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics. Minneapolis, MN June 8-9, 2013 MP 181

“VeriStrat® has a prognostic value for patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer treated with erlotinib and bevacizumab in the first line: Pooled analysis of SAKK19/05 and NTR528.” Gautschi O, Dingemans AM, Crowe S, Peters S, Roder H, Grigorieva J, Roder J, Zappa F, Pless M, Brutsche M, Baty F, Bubendorf L, Hsu Schmitz SF, Na KJ, Carbone D, Stahel R, Smit E; Lung Cancer, 2013; 79(1):59-64.

“A Retrospective Analysis of VeriStrat Status on Outcome of a Randomized Phase II Trial of First-Line Therapy with Gemcitabine, Erlotinib, or the Combination in Elderly Patients (Age 70 Years or Older) with Stage IIIB/IV Non–Small-Cell Lung Cancer.” Stinchcombe T, Roder J, Peterman A, Grigorieva J, Lee C, Moore D, Socinski M, J Thorac Oncol 2013. Jun;8(6):814.

“A plasma proteomic signature predicts outcomes in a phase 3 study of gemcitabine (G) + cisplatin (C) sorafenib in first line stage IIIB or IV NSCLC.” J. F. Vansteenkiste, L. Paz-Ares, T. Q. Eisen, D. Heigener, W. E. Eberhardt, M. Thomas, C. Zhou, A. Santoro, C. Lathia, H. Roder, ESMO Conference 2012.

“VeriStrat® has prognostic value in advanced stage NSCLC patients treated with erlotinib and sorafenib”. Kuiper JL, Lind JS, Groen HJ, Roder J, Grigorieva J, Roder H, Dingemans AM, Smit EF; BR J Cancer, 2012 Nov 20; 107(11):1820-5

“Serum Proteomic Classification in Refractory Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer Treated with Erlotinib +/- Pazopanib in a Randomized Placebo-Controlled Phase II Study.” Spigel D, Burris H, Greco A, Lipman A, Waterhouse D, Daniel D, Ma Z, Arkenau H, Grigorieva J, Hainsworth J, ETORC-NCI-AACR Symposium on Molecular Targets and Cancer Therapeutics 2012, Euro. J Cancer.

“Prognostic and Predictive Role of the VeriStrat® Plasma Test in Patients with Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Treated with Erlotinib or Placebo in the NCIC Clinical Trials Group BR.21 Trial.” Carbone DP, Ding K, Roder H, Grigorieva J, Roder J, Tsao MS, Seymour L, Sheperd FA; J Thorac Oncol, 2012; 7(11): 1653-60.

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