Biodesix uses a proprietary approach to discover molecular correlations with clinical outcomes, resulting in the rapid commercialization of multivariate tests. Our approach centers around 3 key elements:

  • Ultra-high sensitivity molecular detection (MALDI-TOF and Deep MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry and other technologies)
  • ProTS advanced analytics, our integrated approach, integrates state of the art methods in mass spectrometry, spectral processing and machine learning theory
  • Molecular tests that inform medical decisions

Technology Overview

Unique advantages of this approach from test discovery through test validation are:

  • unbiased discovery method that does not require a preliminary biological hypothesis about specific differentiating proteins
  • fast, versatile, and reproducible analytical method performed on serum samples (as little as 10µl) without complicated pretreatment processes that negatively affect reproducibility
  • single platform used for discovery, validation and commercialization; platform is not dependent on the availability of immunoassays
  • scalable sensitivity – Deep MALDI enables more data to be extracted from mass spectra