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Biopharma Solutions

Biomarker discovery solutions

We use all tools necessary to help navigate the complexity of cancer. Working alongside our biopharma partners, we boldly question the status quo and employ personalized and integrated approaches to uncover new solutions to diagnostic challenges with industry-leading expertise in blood-based assays.

Maximize your biomarker data from blood

Our diagnostic solutions leverage both genomics and proteomics to uncover comprehensive insights about the tumor biology and patient’s immune response to therapeutics in clinical development. We take a technology agnostic approach for blood-based biomarker discovery to ensure we provide the necessary solutions to fulfill your needs.

Next Generation Sequencing

  • Pan-Cancer Cell-Free Assay
  • Cancer-Specific Assays (lung, breast, colon, myeloid, pediatric)
  • Tumor Mutation Burden Assay
  • Immune Response Assay
  • Immune Repertoire for TCR Beta Assay
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Droplet Digital™ PCR

  • GeneStrat® Test
    EGFR (L858R, Del19, G719X, L861Q, S768I, T790M) | ALK | ROS1 | RET | KRAS | BRAF
  • PD-L1 Expression Assay
  • Microsatellite Instability Assay
  • Custom Assay

MALDI-ToF Mass Spectrometry

  • VeriStrat® Test
  • ImmunoStrat® Protein Signatures
  • Lung Cancer Risk of Recurrence Test
  • Biological Pathway Protein Score
  • Custom Signature Discovery

Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry

  • Nodify XL2™ Incidental Lung Nodule Test
  • Lung Cancer Protein Panel
  • Alzheimer’s Protein Panel
  • Custom LC-MRM-MS Protein Panel
  • Unbiased DIA LC-MS/MS
  • Direct Neoantigen Characterization

Biomarker Discovery Solution Process

Our biomarker discovery projects include discovering novel biomarker tests with machine learning, developing assays for known biological targets, retrospectively gathering insights from your clinical studies, and prospectively enrolling patients into your clinical trials. We follow a simple biomarker evaluation process to ensure your diagnostic solutions are CDx ready.



We provide end-to-end diagnostic solutions from initial biomarker discovery to commercialization through companion diagnostic partnering.

Our Approach to CDx Partnering

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