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The Nodify XL2™ blood test helps direct next steps in lung nodule management [Video]

Physicians discuss how the Nodify XL2 test is helping identify benign pulmonary nodules and relieve patient anxiety. Watch the video now!

How Clinics Use a Blood-Based Test to Help Identify Benign Lung Nodules [Video]

Dr. Susan Garwood and Tresia Michael of Tri-Star Health discuss how they use the Nodify XL2 test in their clinic. Watch and learn about lung nodule management.

How Nodify XL2 Helps Relieve Patient Anxiety [Video]

Dr. Susan Garwood and Tresia Michael, LPN of TriStar Health discuss how the Nodify XL2 test is relieving patient anxiety in their lung nodule clinic.

Infographic: What is a Lung Nodule?

For Lung Cancer Awareness Month Biodesix created an infographic to help explain the problem of lung nodules and how physicians take care of them.