Do you have lung cancer and want to help others?

A simple blood sample donation may help other patients find effective therapies.

Helping Other Patients Excel (HOPE) is a friendly donor study designed to collect blood samples from patients with lung cancer for research purposes. Participation is voluntary, and your blood sample donation could help to discover blood-based tests that identify future patients who may benefit from targeted therapies. This is all done at no cost to you, and Biodesix will arrange for the blood draw to be conducted from the comfort of your home.

Biodesix® is looking for patients with certain biomarker (information from genes) results. To participate in the study or to ask questions, please call the Biodesix Clinical Development team at 303-974-6606 or via email. Team members can answer study questions and help you complete the necessary steps to participate in the study.

Click here for a questionnaire to help you speak with your doctor’s office and determine if you are a candidate for this study.

1: Speak with your doctor’s office
and ask if you’ve had biomarker testing conducted.

2: Complete the questionnaire with your doctor’s office.
You will need this information to become a trial participant.

3: If you circled any of the mutations in question 3,
call the Biodesix Clinical Research Team at 303-974-6606.

4: The Biodesix Clinical Research Team will ask you
some questions to confirm that you are eligible for the trial.

5: An in-home blood collection appointment will be arranged.
Biodesix will cover all costs related to this trial.

6: Once your sample has been collected, you have completed all steps for the HOPE trial.
Your sample may be used to help other patients just like you. Thank you for your contribution!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are biomarkers important? What do you want my blood sample for?
Some therapies have been shown to be more beneficial if certain biomarkers (information from genes) are found in a patient’s body. These biomarkers can be found with a simple blood draw. Your blood sample donation could help to discover blood-based tests that identify which patients may benefit from targeted or immunotherapies.
Why blood testing?

There are many advantages to blood-based testing:

  • A blood draw is lower risk than surgical biopsy
  • The sample amount to complete testing is easier to provide; tissue biopsies sometimes require additional procedures
  • Quick turn-around time may allow treatment to start sooner
How do I know if I qualify for the study?

Please complete the questionnaire with your doctor’s office. If you circled any mutations in question 3, you may be eligible.  Biodesix’ Clinical Research team is available at 303-974-6606 to help you confirm eligibility and obtain your consent prior to enrollment in the study.

If I choose to participate, what will I need to do?
  • First, contact the Biodesix Clinical Research team at 303-974-6606
  • They will consent you for the HOPE study and schedule an in-home blood draw
  • Blood sample collection will take approximately 15 minutes
  • You will have one 30 mL (2 tablespoons) blood sample drawn
  • No additional follow-up is needed and no results will be provided from testing
What are the benefits if I participate?

Being a study participant will not alter your physician’s treatment decisions and no results will be provided; however, your blood sample will be used to help create tests that may benefit future cancer patients.

Are there any risks associated with participating?

Risks are minimal and similar to a standard blood draw. In the unlikely event that an injury occurs as a result of the study, any necessary medical treatment not covered by your insurance will be reimbursed by Biodesix.

Will I be paid to participate?

This is a friendly donor program. Therefore, there is no payment for participating.

Will I incur any costs for participating?
There are no costs associated with participating. All trial related activities are conducted at no cost to you, and Biodesix will arrange for the blood draw to be conducted from the comfort of your home.

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*Funding for this study was provided by Biodesix, Inc.