The Pathologist: Has Tumor Profiling Caught Up to Cancer?

"I see ddPCR as the future of personalized cancer therapies. Based on our cancer center’s successful experience with the technology, I believe it is only a matter of time before these kinds of blood-based liquid biopsies become an indispensable method for...

The Future of Droplet Digital PCR

"Liquid biopsies are becoming more and more accepted, particularly by community physicians seeking timely diagnostic test results to inform treatment decisions. The number of treatment options, especially in certain disease states, like lung cancer, are multiplying...

Oncology Times: The Use of Liquid Biopsies in Patients With NSCLC

"Increasingly, medical oncologists work with multidisciplinary teams to diagnose and manage lung cancer cases. Interventional pulmonologists on these teams perform diagnostic workups, obtain tissue biopsies, and play a role in the timely diagnosis and staging of lung...

CAP Today: Revived hopes, fresh challenges with liquid biopsy

CAP Today:  “Liquid biopsy is a reality in oncology today. It’s amazing how rapidly it has become the standard of care. And I think pathology labs everywhere are trying to adapt to it and make themselves ready for this new reality.” Read the...

The Pathologist: Battling Lung Cancer in the Tobacco Belt

"We can now identify a cancer’s mutations and respond with appropriate therapy without the issues inherent in solid tissue biopsy – not only the delays, but also the intratumoral heterogeneity that is often missed when sampling only one or a few tumor sites." - Dr....

Adoption of Liquid Biopsy Tests for NSCLC

“Availability of biomarker data early in the treatment process enables tumor boards to review cases more efficiently and to better understand treatment options.”

The Future Is Fluid

“Liquid biopsy really opens the possibility of a kind of real-time molecular analysis of the tumor to help inform treatment choices,” Dr. Burstein concluded.