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Medical Laboratory Observer: Rapid Biomarker Testing for Improved Clinical Decision-making in Non-small Cell Lung Cancer

"The clinical course of newly diagnosed, advanced NSCLC can be rapid, with prognoses typically measured in months. Early intervention with appropriately targeted therapies can increase the overall chance of survival, and therefore speed is critical when obtaining biomarker information that might influence the design and initiation of a therapeutic strategy. However, the results from tumor biopsies generally take three weeks or more, and inadequate sampling at the initial biopsy can lead to even longer wait times. According to a recent study, nearly 80 percent of patients diagnosed with NSCLC did not receive the results of biomarker testing in time for the initial consultation with their oncologist, and the median time to receive those results was 21 days after the initial consultation. When biomarker profiles were available at the initial consultation, patients experienced markedly shorter median times from consultation to decision (0 vs. 22 days, p = 0.0008), and to initiation of treatment (16 vs. 29 days, p = 0.004), compared to patients whose biomarker data were not yet available.”


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