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Biodesix Targeting Pharma for VeriStrat (GenomeWeb)

Biodesix is looking to forge pharmaceutical partnerships to increase adoption of the test Veristrat.

Blood Test Helps Target Roche/OSI Lung Cancer Drug (Reuters)

Testing for a specific cancer protein markers in lung cancer patients' blood helps find those more likely to respond to Tarceva, a drug sold by Roche.

CBSA BioBreakfast Focuses on Two CO Success Stories of 2009 (Rocky Radar)

CBSA's May BioBreakfast allowed two of Colorado's 2009 Bioscience success stories to share their stories. First up was Biodesix, in the diagnostic space.

Video Highlights from 2nd European Lung Cancer Conference Feature Biodesix Serum Test

Presenting current issues with lung cancer tissue testing, followed by a discussion of Veristrat, Biodesix proteomic serum test for predicted tumor response

New Blood Test May Help in the Fight Against Lung Cancer (Queen’s University)

A new blood test could improve the use of a popular lung cancer drug called erlotinib by allowing doctors to select which patients will react positively.

Biodesix: a New Way to Inform Cancer Treatment Selection (Rocky Radar)

One data point doesn't tell you very much in most cases. This principle guides Biodesix's approach to developing diagnostics.