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Biodesix Announces Publication Further Validating the use of Liquid Biopsies and NGS Techniques to Provide Clinical Information for Patients with Cancer

Biodesix today announced that new data were published in the peer-reviewed journal, Diagnostics (Basel), in an article titled, “Analytic and Clinical Validation of a Pan-Cancer NGS Liquid Biopsy Test for the Detection of Copy Number Amplifications, Fusions and Exon Skipping Variants.”

Biodesix Announces PD-L1 Collaboration with Professor Fred R. Hirsch

Biodesix and Professor Fred R. Hirsch announced a collaboration on a PD-L1 study

Biodesix Blood-Based Diagnostic Testing Approach To PD-L1 Detection Shows Concordance with Immunohistochemistry

Blood-based diagnostic approach to PD-L1 testing that shows concordance with immunohistochemistry; new data presented at EORTC

The GeneStrat® Liquid Biopsy Test Earns Approval from NY State-CLEP

The GeneStrat test, a liquid biopsy test used in lung cancer, has earned approval from NY State-CLEP, along with several other demanding certifications.

Biodesix® and Progenetics Announce Distribution Agreement for Israel

Biodesix and Progenetics have entered into an international agreement; Biodesix tests will be available in Israel for the first time.

Biodesix to Present Study Data: Blood-Based Diagnostic Testing for PD-L1

Biodesix will present data on blood-based diagnostic testing for PD-L1 at ASCO-SITC 2017; ddPCR test measuring mRNA expression from immune and cancer cells

Genestrat Liquid Biopsy Testing™ Now Includes ROS1 and RET Mutations

Biodesix's GeneStrat liquid biopsy test now includes ROS1 and RET mutations. The test helps physicians make treatment decisions for cancer patients.

Biodesix® and Bioyong Announce Agreement for Joint Development and Commercialization of VeriStrat® Test in Greater China

Biodesix and Bioyong announced a $38M deal for development and commercialization of VeriStrat in China.

Independent Data Demonstrates Clinical Utility of Biodesix®’ Blood-Based Tests

Data from an independent study demonstrated the clinical utiity of Biodesix' VeriStrat and GeneStrat tests.

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey Provides Coverage for Biodesix’ VeriStrat Test

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) of New Jersey has determined that the VeriStrat® proteomic test is now considered a medically necessary benefit for members with advanced NSCLC.

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