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Director, Human Resources Molli Halvorson

Molli Halvorson has been with Biodesix since November 2021, and has served as Head of Human Resources since April 2022.  Molli leads the HR team at Biodesix, developing and executing HR strategies, programs, processes, and policies.  She serves as a member of the leadership team and is responsible for the strategic and operational leadership for the Human Resources function.  Molli focuses on enabling high-performance cultures by bringing people processes in line with organizational strategy.

Prior to Biodesix, Molli served as a Consultant and HR Manager for Gannett, Noodles & Company, and DirecTV, where she successfully developed and implemented standardized and complex Human Resources solutions in collaboration with key stakeholders.  With her extensive experience in Human Resources and a track record of delivering impactful solutions, Molli is a valuable asset to the Biodesix team in driving the company's growth and success.

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