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Chief Business Officer Paul Beresford, Ph.D.

Paul Beresford, Ph.D. is currently our Chief Business Officer at Biodesix. Dr Beresford is a leader in personalized medicine partnering in growing, shaping and supporting Biodesix’s approach to companion diagnostics. While single markers like HER-2 and cKIT have shaped the role of personalized medicine, he believes that in the future there will be multiple analytes and multiomics that will drive the evolution of selecting the right patient for the right therapy. While at Biodesix, Dr Beresford has also driven unique partnerships with pharmaceutical companies and technology providers.

Dr. Beresford’s career spans over 20 years focusing on diagnostics with a particular focus on blending new biomarkers and technologies. At Biodesix, he has driven the business development strategy for accessing clinical trials for the development of data for VeriStrat, the first prospectively validated proteomic biomarker in oncology. Recently, this strategy has evolved to a service business providing assay feasibility, development and commercialization across both proteomic and genomic technology. The business provides a set of 40 products and services with a suite of machine learning tools that incorporate strategies to deal with small and deep patient biomarker data sets.

Prior to Biodesix, Dr. Beresford led the translational diagnostics group that sold tissue-based instruments, reagents and services into the translational medicine field. Dr. Beresford helped establish key forums to discuss biomarkers like the Tucson symposium. He also worked with the CPATH institute that established guidelines for the codevelopment of drugs and diagnostics. After the acquisition of Ventana by Roche, Dr. Beresford led the integration of all personalized healthcare initiatives between Ventana and Roche and served as the treasurer of the BioIndustry Organization of Southern Arizona. Dr. Beresford served as a board member for Biomarker Strategies, based in Baltimore.

Dr. Beresford received a B.S. in Life Sciences and M.S. in Immunology from Queen’s University in Canada. He received a Ph.D. in Immunology from Tufts Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences and was an Instructor and Junior Investigator at the Center for Blood Research at Harvard Medical School. He also attended Harvard Business School’s Advanced Management Program.


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