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Biodesix® is your partner in the field of blood-based diagnostic testing. Our proteomic and genomic platforms help our partners discover, develop and commercialize clinically relevant tests, including companion diagnostics.

We believe this type of innovative partnership between a therapeutic and a molecular diagnostic company is important to advancing personalized medicine.


Personalized Diagnostic Partnering

Our blood-based signature development approach can identify patients likely to benefit from your therapies. Partnering with Biodesix lets you optimize your clinical development programs for success. Biodesix is an experienced diagnostic partner, providing support from test design to commercial launch and reimbursement.


Biodesix helps decipher the complexity of cancer through a multi-omic approach to test development, built on our proprietary platform that incorporates artificial intelligence for biomarker discovery. Our platform has discovered liquid biopsy tests that are unique and yield reliable and reproducible test results.


Learn more about how Biodesix is revolutionizing personalized medicine through our partnership case studies, videos, presentations, and publications.

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