Precision medicine can advance if we find new ways to select therapies that will provide a patient with clinical benefit. Biodesix® provides end-to-end diagnostic solutions, using artificial intelligence for blood-based biomarker discovery. From test design to commercialization, we collaborate with our biopharma partners to help identify patients that will benefit from their drugs in clinical development.

Biomarker Evaluation

Biodesix offers novel, blood-based biomarker discovery solutions for our biopharma partners. To address the increasing complexity of new drug mechanisms and disease, Biodesix designs and develops robust, multi-omic tests using modern machine learning. Our technology platforms currently include Droplet Digital™ PCR (ddPCR), next generation sequencing (NGS), MALDI-ToF mass spectrometry, and liquid chromatography mass spectrometry (LC-MS).

Biomarker Evaluation Process in Partnership with Biodesix

Biomarker Feasibility

Design, develop, and deliver the basic building block for a test to our partner.

Prototype Test Development

Optimize the prototype test based on our partner’s needs.

Companion Proof of Concept

Confirm the test performance on relevant clinical patient samples.

Companion Diagnostics

Biodesix is committed to helping our biopharma partners overcome the challenges and risks associated with drug discovery, development and launch through collaborative companion diagnostic development. Our approach to measuring both the circulating proteome and circulating nucleic acids enables our partners to see both sides of cancer. Partner with us to:

  • Increase probability of success for pivotal trials and reduce attrition rates
  • Identify patient populations that will experience the greatest benefit from new therapies
  • Realize greater efficiency in clinical development by predicting responses to therapy
  • Achieve greater market share with our team of experienced clinical diagnostic sales representatives


Biodesix has successfully commercialized two on-market, blood-based LDTs for patients with lung cancer. Our growing global footprint includes a nationally based clinical sales team focused on physicians that diagnose and treat lung cancer and an international distributor network. In our CAP/CLIA/CLEP/ISO 13485-certified laboratory, we run tests from the US and multiple markets outside the US, with an industry-leading 72-hour turnaround time. Biodesix’s on-market tests are widely reimbursed and covered for over 210 million lives in the US.

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