Biodesix® helps decipher the complexity of cancer through a multi-omic approach to test development, built on our proprietary platform that leverages artificial intelligence for biomarker discovery. Our platform has discovered liquid biopsy tests that are unique and yield reliable and reproducible test results.

Artificial Intelligence

Large, complex data sets require advanced analytical techniques. The ability to teach computers to learn without being explicitly programmed has opened up new possibilities, including discovery & development of advanced diagnostic tests that access the enormous amount of biological data found in the human proteome and genome. Our application of artificial intelligence through machine learning is unique as we have found a proprietary solution for biomarker discovery in both large and small sample sets.


Proteomics is the large scale study of the proteome. Biodesix uses mass spectrometry for the analysis of serum or plasma, which allows for identification of clinically relevant proteomic differences in patient populations.


Biodesix uses Droplet Digital™ PCR and Next Generation Sequencing, both highly sensitive and accurate technologies, to analyze circulating cell-free nucleic acids in the blood. We rapidly and non-invasively identify specific mutations in the blood that are relevant for patient enrollment in your clinical trials.

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