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Genestrat® Genomic Test

Swift and actionable, blood-based mutation results.

Identify your patient’s actionable lung cancer mutations.

Guideline-recommended, blood-based mutation results within 72 hours.

What is the GeneStrat® test?

  • Delivers guideline-recommended, blood-based mutation results: EGFR | ALK | ROS1 | RET | BRAF | KRAS
  • Results within 72 hours can expedite time to treatment initiation and complement tissue-based testing1,2
  • Drives treatment strategy and facilitates monitoring

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Testing Platform

  • Measures circulating cell-free DNA and RNA using Droplet Digital™ PCR (ddPCR)
  • Highly sensitive and specific mutation detection
  • GeneStrat is clinically validated3,4

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The genes tested in the GeneStrat® test are covered by Medicare and many private payers.

Not restricted by stage of NSCLC or recurrence. Multiple tests per patient per cancer when medically necessary.

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With tissue-based testing, 4% of patients had molecular test results prior to start of front-line treatment. However, with Biodesix Lung Reflex®, 72% of patients have molecular test results available.1

Expediting Time to Treatment with Swift and Actionable Results

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Complementing Tissue Testing

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Blood-based testing is 3 weeks faster than tissue-based testing.

Save tissue for diagnostic evaluation, PD-L1 testing and broad genomic profiling.2

Accurate, actionable genomic results

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Case Studies

Learn how some of the industry’s leading experts are using Biodesix Lung Reflex® testing in their practice.


Jonathan Kurman, MD

Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin


Michael Pritchett, DO, MPH

Chest Center of the Carolines at FirstHealth of the Carolinas

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