The Nodify XL2™ test is designed to help identify likely benign lung nodules with a simple blood-based test.

Simple. Integrated. Reassuring.

Nodify XL2 Testing Can Help You

  • Stratify patients diagnosed with incidental lung nodules with a simple blood test
  • Rule out malignancy prior to bronchoscopy for patients with low to moderate risk nodules
  • Confidently proceed with the most appropriate care path
  • Improve nodule management – 40% potential reduction in unnecessary procedures on benign nodules
  • Who is Right For Nodify XL2 Testing?

    Nodify XL2 is intended for patients:

    Incorporating Nodify XL2 In Your Nodule Workflow

  • With a swift turnaround time and clear results, Nodify XL2 can be readily incorporated into existing nodule management workflows.
  • Testing can reduce the number of unnecessary invasive procedures, reduce costs to the healthcare system, and improve patient care.
  • Clinically Validated Results

    Nodify XL2 testing supports highly accurate identification of benign lung nodules with a median Negative Predictive Value (NPV) of 98% for incidental, low to moderate risk lung nodules (risk ≤50%, 8-30mm in diameter).




    Nodify XL2 testing is covered by Medicare with $0 out of pocket expense for covered Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries.

    Biodesix Assist™ Financial Support Program for Patients

  • The Biodesix Assist Financial Support Program is available to all patients who qualify to reduce or eliminate potential patient financial responsibility
  • Please contact the Biodesix Billing Care Team at 866.432.5930 with any questions you may have regarding coverage, payment, or to apply for the Biodesix Assist Financial Support Program.
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