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A focus on the lung cancer contiuum of care.

As a devoted diagnostic partner, we strive to transform lung cancer care standards. Our product pipeline reflects our focus on providing solutions that address the continuum of care.

Our product development pipeline

We are answering unmet clinical questions in the management of patients through the continuum of care.

Early Detection

Can a blood test detect if a patient is at high-risk of lung cancer earlier than with standard low dose computed tomography (LDCT) screening?

What population is at a higher risk of lung cancer and would benefit from blood-based screening?


Which patients with low to moderate risk lung nodules have a higher-risk of lung cancer and may benefit from further diagnostic testing, such as a biopsy or surgery?

Treatment Strategy

Can a blood test identify a subgroup of early stage NSCLC patients who have a high risk of recurrence post-curative resection and may benefit from adjuvant therapy?

How can we quickly deliver comprehensive, blood-based molecular testing to inform treatment strategy for patients who have progressed on standard of care?
Learn more about our NGS partnership with Thermo Fisher

Can we identify patients who may benefit from immune checkpoint inhibitors, independent of currently approved biomarkers?



Can we detect minimal residual disease from molecular markers in the blood?

Can we detect molecular changes in the blood that indicate whether a patient is responding to ongoing treatment?

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