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Biopharma Services - CDX Partnering

Companion diagnostic partnering

We strive to hold ourselves to the highest quality standard so we can arm our biopharma partners with superior diagnostic solutions to overcome the challenges and risks associated with drug discovery, development and commercialization through strategic companion diagnostic (CDx) partnering.

Joint CDx Partnering Solution

We provide end-to-end CDx partnering solutions for our biopharma customers from initial biomarker discovery to commercialization.


Why is CDx Partnering Beneficial?

  • Increase probability of success for pivotal trials
  • Accelerate FDA approval of new therapeutics
  • Identify patient populations who will experience the greatest benefit from new therapeutics in clinical development
  • Realize greater efficiency in clinical development from faster patient enrollment in clinical trials

Why Partner With Us?

  • We can adapt our CDx partnership model to fit your needs
  • We actively engage in IVD programs
  • We provide a multiple technology approach to biomarker discovery, development, and commercialization of diagnostic tests
  • We have significant experience gaining wide-spread U.S. reimbursement for novel diagnostic tests
  • We have two best-in-class laboratories that maintain the highest level of compliance beyond the minimal clinical laboratory certification

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