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Friday, February 8th, 8:50 AM
Crowne Plaza Times Square, New York, NY

Combining IO Modalities In a Cost Effective, Patient Beneficial Manner that Unfolds in Our Lifetime

The hardest thing to figure out now is what interventions and combinations make the most sense in which patients and how to combine all these emerging modalities in a way that is cost effective, benefits patients and unfolds in our lifetime. There are hypothesis on what technologies should be explored together, however very few companies have all the relevant skills, reagents or product candidates in one setting, so it requires collaboration to generate the most powerful combinations and sequence of interventions. This overview talk, followed by a panel will delve into the following:

  1. What is the underlying pathobiology and how it is similar from patient to patient and how it is different in individuals?
  2. What interventions make the most sense and how to get the right patient into the studies to test your hypothesis?
  3. How can we build an integrated suite of tools to ask and answer all the relevant questions to appropriately characterize patients?
  4. How can we develop something cost effective that doesn’t necessarily require 100K worth of diagnostic tests in every patient?

Panelist: Matthew Nelson, Executive Director of Personalized Diagnostics Partnering at Biodesix, Inc

Matt Nelson has over 12 years of companion diagnostic experience across multiple technology platforms in the oncology field. In his current role at Biodesix he is responsible for managing various biomarker and companion diagnostic co-development partnerships focused on liquid biopsies. Matt draws on years of knowledge interacting with pharmaceutical and diagnostic organizations holding previous business development roles at Roche Tissue Diagnostics and Almac Diagnostics.