There are two sides to every cancer.

Understand both.


Actionable Tumor Mutations


Patient’s Immune Response to Cancer

Source: Image adapted from Chen and Mellman 2016 for educational purposes.

See both sides in 72 hours

By integrating genomic and proteomic blood-based results, we reveal both sides of lung cancer before treatment strategy is determined.

About Us

Biodesix provides a more complete picture of a patient’s unique lung cancer by harnessing powerful genomic and proteomic information. We develop and deliver innovative, blood-based diagnostics that address unmet clinical needs across the continuum of lung cancer care, from initial detection through palliative care.

Patient Story
Victoria Bannister recounts her experience with lung cancer and the impact of the Biodesix Lung Reflex®.

Patients & Caregivers

Biodesix empowers you to have informed conversations with your healthcare team about your lung cancer treatment plan and how your body is responding to the cancer.

Healthcare Providers

Biodesix Lung Reflex: Look at both sides of lung cancer from a simple blood draw. Integrated genomic and proteomic results reveal both sides of lung cancer in 72-hours – before treatment strategy is determined.

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BioPharma Partnerships

Biodesix is your partner in the field of blood-based diagnostic testing. Designed with machine learning, our proteomic and genomic tests help our partners discover, develop and commercialize clinically relevant tests, including companion diagnostics.

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