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COVID-19 Testing

We now offer two highly accurate COVID-19 tests to help detect active and previous SARS-CoV-2 infection.

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Reclassify Risk.

One single blood draw. Two ways to help quickly and accurately decipher the risk of malignancy of a lung nodule.

Clinical diagnostic testing


the Complexity
of Cancer

Working alongside biopharma, we boldly question the status quo and employ personalized and integrated approaches to uncover new solutions to diagnostic challenges.

Biopharma partnerships


We Take
Lung Cancer

Working alongside physicians, we help solve complex diagnostic challenges from early diagnosis of lung nodules through late stage cancer.

Clinical diagnostic testing

Biopharma partnerships

Our Mission

We strive to improve every patient's lung cancer care by empowering physicians with swift, comprehensive, and actionable insights.

About Us

Incidental Lung Nodule Risk Assessment

Designed to help physicians quickly and accurately decipher the risk of malignancy of a lung nodule from a single blood draw.




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Patients are at the Center of What We Do

We focus on patients and lung cancer. We are dedicated to providing all the answers patients need by leveraging our leading technologies.

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Tumor & Immune Profiling

Results uncover both sides of lung cancer in 72 hours, expediting time to treatment.

Biodesix Lung Reflex

Tumor Profiling and Immune Profiling

Source: Image adapted from Chen and Mellman 2018 for educational purposes.

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BioPharma Solutions

Working alongside our biopharmaceutical collaborators, we boldly question the status quo and employ novel approaches to swiftly decipher the complexity of cancer. We provide our biopharmaceutical collaborators with end-to-end diagnostic solutions from initial biomarker discovery projects to companion diagnostics, including commercialization and reimbursement.

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Brave. Devoted. Compassionate.

Our team is dedicated to the scientific pursuit of solving the unsolvable and ultimately improving care for lung cancer patients.

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