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Genomic Diagnostics


We use highly sensitive technologies to provide comprehensive genomic diagnostic insights.

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Why Genomic Insights From Blood?

Identifying genomic drivers and targeting those specific alterations with therapy are a critical aspect of personalized medicine. Traditionally, this has been done through tissue-based mutation testing, but the landscape is evolving rapidly towards less invasive blood-based approaches. Tracking tumor-associated genetic aberrations in the blood can be used to quickly determine whether targeted therapies are a treatment option; assessing the response to therapy, presence of residual disease, recurrence, and detecting the emergence of therapy-resistant cancer cells more quickly than conventional tissue-based methods.

Key Benefits of Blood-Based Genomic Insights

Rapid Project Turnaround
Real-time Measurement
Captures Tumor Heterogeneity
Minimally Invasive
Saves Tissue
Monitoring Resistance & Efficacy

Our Suite of Genomic Technologies​


Droplet Digital™ PCR

We leverage Droplet Digital PCR (ddPCR) to detect gene mutations in plasma cell-free DNA and RNA, tissue, cells, and other specimen types. ddPCR is highly sensitive, cost-effective, quantitative and has a fast turnaround time suited for monitoring a range genetic changes in tissue and blood. Through the design of custom assays or the use of our on-market GeneStrat® test, we offer the ability to retrospectively analyze clinical trial samples, prospectively enroll clinical trial patients, and coordinate commercialization.


Next Generation Sequencing

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) is a high throughput, massively parallel sequencing technique that can generate large amounts of clinically relevant data. We offer a broad range of blood and tissue-based NGS testing solutions, including comprehensive cell-free nucleic acid assays, tumor mutation burden testing, and immune response analyses.

Data-driven diagnostic solutions

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