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Resource Reimbursement

Biodesix tests are covered by Medicare and many commercial health plans. It's our goal to ensure access to patients who may benefit from our tests.

veristrat test logo

The VeriStrat® blood-based proteomic test provides predictive and prognostic information for patients diagnosed with advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC).​

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The GeneStrat® blood-based genomic portfolio provides guideline-recommended actionable mutations for patients with NSCLC​ to expedite time to treatment.

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The GeneStrat NGS test is a blood-based assay utilizing Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) methodology to assess cell-free nucleic acids from patients with advanced cancer.


The Nodify CDT® blood-based lung nodule test helps identify patients with a higher risk of malignancy that can be prioritized for diagnostic intervention, potentially avoiding delays in lung cancer diagnoses and find cancer sooner.

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The Nodify XL2® blood-based lung nodule test helps identify patients with a lower risk of malignancy that can be safely monitored with follow-up CT scans, potentially alleviating patient anxiety and avoiding unnecessary invasive diagnostic procedures.