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How We Help

We believe every patient deserves a personalized approach to improve their care.

Patients are at the center of everything we do.  We strive to transform lung care with simple blood tests to help your health care providers make informed decisions.

Our blood tests provide swift information to your doctor to help avoid unnecessary procedures and treatments. You and your doctor can create the best care plan for you.

The Nodify XL2 Test

Our blood test will help your doctor know the next steps for managing the nodule in your lung.

Learn more about Nodify XL2

Biodesix Lung Reflex® Testing

We provide swift, biomarker results to support your doctor in lung cancer treatment planning.

Learn More About Biodesix Lung Reflex®

Dedicated Customer Care and Financial Support

We understand the financial stresses that health issues can place on you and your family. We have created the Biodesix Assist Financial Support Program™ for patients to help provide affordable care.


Please contact us with any questions about Biodesix testing or billing inquiries at 1.866.432.5930.

Reach Out To Our Team

Victoria's story using Biodesix testing

Our Patient Advocacy Partners

In addition to providing you with personalized support from our dedicated Customer Care team, we want to provide you with access to more information from our trusted partners in advocacy.