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How We Help: Take a Personalized Approach to your Lung Health Care

Take a personalized approach to your lung health care

For patients

If your lung health is in question, Biodesix diagnostic tests can help provide some actionable answers to support the next steps in your physician’s care plan for you. We are committed to providing genomic information to help your doctor guide your care with confidence.

How can Biodesix testing help you?

Biodesix tests combine multiple technologies to look deeply at your body’s biology to detect possible cancer, mutations and other biomarkers in your genes and proteins. The test results may provide potential treatment options and help you and your doctor decide on the best individual treatment path forward.

Through a simple blood draw, these proteomic and/or genomic tests give a more holistic view of your lung health, which can help your doctor better classify your lung cancer risk, decide the next steps to best manage your lung nodule and support care decisions at every stage of lung cancer.

Personalized diagnostic testing may help you and your doctor:

Reduce procedures

Reduce the need for unnecessary procedures like biopsy if your nodule is benign (not cancerous)

Early identification

Identify lung cancer earlier and get to treatment faster

Locate treatment

Find eligible treatment and therapy options

Optimize treatment

Eliminate treatment and therapies that may not work for you

Reduce anxiety

Reduce anxiety in your treatment decisions so you can move forward with more confidence

Clinical trials

Match you with clinical trials for treatments currently being developed

Testing solutions Available testing options

Talk to your physician about what Biodesix test may help guide your current lung health treatment decisions


Testing for lung nodule management

Blood testing that can help your physician identify the next steps for handling the nodule in your lung, balancing the pros and cons of active CT scan surveillance versus a diagnostic procedure like a biopsy or surgery. 

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Treatment guidance testing for lung cancer treatment decisions

A combination of tests through a blood sample that can help provide your physician with swift, actionable biomarker results to support your lung cancer treatment plan, at any stage of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC).


Testing coverage

We work directly with health plans to help ensure patients have access to our services. All of our tests are covered by Medicare and many private payers. If you are left with financial responsibility for any of your Biodesix testing services, you may be eligible for our financial assistance program. 

You can qualify for assistance before the testing, during the insurance billing process, or after a final decision is made by your insurance provider. Once the application is received, Biodesix will determine your eligibility. Your application is processed, and a decision letter is faxed and/or mailed within two business days of when the application is received.  To apply for support, please complete the form at the  link below:

Biodesix Assist Financial Support Application

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