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Order a Test Kit

Order a Test

Ordering Nodify Lung® or Biodesix Lung Reflex® testing requires only a Test Request Form (TRF) and the appropriate blood specimen.

Order a test kit to collect the blood specimen in your practice or utilize Biodesix Mobile Phlebotomy services and we will coordinate the blood draw directly with your patient.

For information about COVID-19 testing for employers and healthcare providers, please use this form.

Download our Test Request Forms and follow the instructions to complete an order using the Biodesix Mobile Phlebotomy service​

Order Testing Remotely Through Our Physician Portal

Test requests for Nodify Lung and Biodesix Lung Reflex testing can be submitted through the Physician Portal. When using Mobile Phlebotomy services, the Biodesix Customer Care team receives your test request and takes it from there.

Watch this short video to see how easy it is to complete a test request from your mobile device.


Which patients are eligible for Nodify Lung testing?

Nodify Lung testing is intended for patients with incidental lung nodules:​

  • R91.1 (solitary nodule) or R91.8 (multiple nodules) ICD-10 code​
  • ≥40 years old​
  • 8-30 mm nodule​
  • ≤65% risk of malignancy
    Use Our Solitary Pulmonary Nodule calculator (Mayo Model)1
  • No previous diagnosis of cancer ​
    Patients are eligible for Nodify XL2 testing if history of non-lung cancer is >5 years and risk of malignancy is ≤50%