Thursday, Feb 27th, 2020
Crowne Plaza Times Square, New York City, NY

Mechanisms and Biomarkers of Resistance in the Era of IO Combination Therapy

Panel Title: Mechanisms and Biomarkers of Resistance in the Era of IO Combination Therapy

Moderator: Priti Hegde, Ph.D. (CSO at Foundation Medicine)

Panelists: Robert Georgantas III, Ph.D. (SVP, Research & Translational Science at Biodesix), Ian McCaffery, Ph.D. (VP, Oncology Translational Science at Janssen), and Alexandra Snyder, MD (Head, Translational Oncology at Merck Research Labs)

Discussion: Given the number of combination therapies that are ongoing, one of the ways in which one can prioritize combinations is by assessing the translatability of the preclinical biology into the clinic. We do realize there are challenges associated with this including biological translation and challenges with the tools and technologies available for us to assess biology robustly in patients. This panel will discuss where we stand today, identify the key challenges we are facing and explore the opportunities we have to address those gaps.


Speaker: Robert Georgantas III, Ph.D. (SVP, Research & Translational Science)

Bio: Robert W. Georgantas III Ph.D. is the company’s Senior Vice President of Research and Translational Science. Dr. Georgantas is recognized as a leader of immunology translational science and strategy.

He joins Biodesix from AbbVie where he served as Director of Immunology Programs and Biomakers within the Genomics Research Center of Excellence, a group of experts tasked with applying genetics, genomics, epigenetics, and metagenomics to inform the product pipeline primarily regarding new target discovery, biomarkers/Personalized Health Care discovery for clinical trials, and asset positioning.

Dr. Georgantas’ deep expertise, along with his innovative approach to research and track record of achievement is invaluable to Biodesix as we are positioned for continued growth and new product discovery.