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We believe in an evidence-based approach to care.

As a devoted partner, we develop and publish the scientific evidence to support utility of our tests. We work directly with health plans to help ensure patients have access to our services. Our three certified laboratories meet and exceed the standards put forth by the largest regulating bodies.

Our tests are covered by Medicare and many private payers. Browse our Managed Care professional resources below to learn more.

Proteomic Test

VeriStrat® is serum-based proteomic test that provides predictive and prognostic information for advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients.

Genomic Test

GeneStrat® is a blood-based genomic portfolio that provides guideline-recommended actionable mutations for advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients to expedite time to treatment.

Nodify XL2 Incidental Lung Nodule Test

Nodify XL2 is a simple blood-based lung nodule test designed to assist a physician in quickly and confidently ruling out malignancy using clinical risk assessment and Nodify XL2 results.

We’re Committed to Quality

We operate three world-class, accredited clinical laboratories that support the standards put forth by the largest regulating bodies.

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Financial Assistance

We understand the financial stresses that health issues can place on patients. That's why we created a financial assistance program for patients with financial responsibility to assist in providing affordable care.

To learn more about our financial assistance program, please contact our Patient Care team at 1.866.432.5930.

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