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Biodesix Feels the Buzz at BIO2012 (FierceBiomarkers)

Paul Beresford, vice president of business development and strategic marketing at Biodesix, spoke to FierceBiomarkers ahead of his appearance on the BIO2012 panel “Commercialization of Personalized Medicine: Stakeholders’ Recipe For Success.” So what is Biodesix’s own recipe for success? Keeping it collaborative and seeking validation, he explains. Biodesix’s business model is based on two strands–clinical diagnostics and companion diagnostics, tests used to streamline drug development by selecting patients who are expected to respond based on the presence or absence of a biomarker. However, the company hasn’t gone down a simple “fee for service” route as its business model for these.  (FierceBiomarkers story archive is no longer available.)

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