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Biopharma Solutions

Your diagnostic partner

We provide our biopharmaceutical collaborators with end-to-end diagnostic solutions from initial biomarker discovery projects to companion diagnostics, including commercialization and reimbursement.

Biomarker Discovery Solutions

To address the increasing complexity of cancer and new drug mechanisms, we discover and develop robust, genomic and proteomic tests to uncover insights about the tumor biology and patient’s immune response to therapeutics in clinical development programs. Our technology platforms currently include:

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Our Biomarker Discovery Solutions

Companion Diagnostic Partnering

We strive to hold ourselves to the highest quality standard so we can provide our biopharmaceutical collaborators with superior diagnostic solutions to overcome the challenges and risks associated with drug discovery, development, and commercialization through strategic companion diagnostic partnering.

Our Approach to CDx Partnering

Partner with us to:

  • Increase probability of success for pivotal trials with quicker enrollment rates
  • Identify patient populations that will experience the greatest benefit from new therapies
  • Realize greater efficiency in clinical development by predicting responses to therapy
  • Achieve greater market share with our team of experienced clinical diagnostic sales representatives

Commercialization & Reimbursement

We are the first company with four clinically available, reimbursed, leading diagnostic tests that address the continuum of lung cancer care. Our global footprint includes a nationally based clinical sales team focused on physicians that diagnose and treat lung cancer and a global presence through international distributors.

Our Boulder, Colorado-based laboratory is CAP/CLIA/CLEP/ISO 13485-approved and we run tests from the US and multiple markets outside the US, with an industry-leading 72-hour turnaround time. Our on-market tests are widely reimbursed and covered in the US.

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