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About Us

We are a lung cancer diagnostic solutions company.

Our mission is to improve every patient's lung cancer care by empowering physicians with swift, comprehensive, and actionable insights.

We solve complex diagnostic challenges in lung cancer

Working alongside clinicians and scientists, we boldly question the status quo and employ innovative approaches to swiftly deliver actionable results.

Learn About Our Diagnostic Solutions

We use an integrated approach for a comprehensive view of each patient's cancer

Our blood-based tests leverage genomics and proteomics to uncover individualized insights about the tumor biology and the patient's immune response.

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We believe every patient deserves a personalized approach to improve their care

As a devoted partner, we strive to transform lung cancer care standards. By equipping clinicians with the right information at the right time, we empower personalized care for each patient.

How we help

A trusted diagnostic partner

We provide our biopharma partners with end-to-end diagnostic solutions from initial biomarker discovery projects to companion diagnostic partnering, including commercialization and reimbursement.

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