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Lung Cancer Diagnosis, Treatment and Monitoring

We take lung care personally

Our mission is to improve every patient's lung disease care by empowering physicians with swift, comprehensive, and actionable insights.

By combining multiple technologies with a holistic view of each patient’s disease state, we believe our diagnostic tests provide physicians with greater insights to help personalize their patient’s care and meaningfully improve disease detection, evaluation, and treatment.

A focus on clinical unmet needs in the lung cancer continuum of care


We believe there is a clinical need to help physicians reclassify risk of malignancy in patients presenting with suspicious lung nodules. We offer the blood-based Nodify Lung® Nodule Risk Assessment testing strategy to aid physicians in stratifying patients into distinct nodule management treatment pathways: diagnostic procedure or imaging surveillance.

Nodify Lung testing consists of two blood-based proteomic tests such as the Nodify CDT™ test which helps identify patients with lung nodules that are likely malignant, and the Nodify XL2® test which conversely helps identify those that are likely benign.

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Treatment Guidance

We believe there is an imminent need for a blood-based testing solution that measures tumor-specific mutations and the patient’s immune profile to provide physicians with more comprehensive information to assess the overall prognosis of the patient and personalize treatment plans.

We offer the blood-based Biodesix Lung Reflex® testing strategy, which consists of the GeneStrat® tumor profiling test and the VeriStrat® immune profiling test for patients diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). With a 36-hour turnaround time, we are able to quickly provide critical diagnostic information to physicians to facilitate personalized treatment decisions for their patients.

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We believe longitudinally monitoring advanced NSCLC patients for the dynamic evolution of their tumor and immune profile while on treatment can provide an earlier indication of treatment resistance and/or disease progression. We offer the Biodesix Lung Reflex testing strategy as a blood-based monitoring tool for physicians to track their patients’ disease evolution.

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