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    Andrew McPherson: A Beacon of Strength in the Fight Against Lung Cancer

    Andrew McPherson's journey: From lung cancer diagnosis at 28 to inspiring advocate, highlighting resilience and the unpredictability of health.

    Talking to Your Doctor about Lung Nodules or Lung Screening: A Comprehensive Guide

    Navigate discussions about lung health with our guide on 'Talking to Your Doctor about Lung Nodules or Lung Screening.' Learn to effectively communicate with your physician, understand lung screenings, and handle post-conversation emotions. Essential for anyone looking to improve dialogue and knowledge about lung health.

    Lung Nodules: Understanding the Basics and Navigating the Path Forward

    This blog article goes in-depth with everything you need to know about lung nodules and the next steps for treating a lung nodule.

    Action Beyond Awareness: The Imperative of Actionable Early Detection in Lung Cancer Care

    Read insights from Biodesix's CEO, Scott Hutton, as he launches the 2023 Lung Cancer Awareness Month and explains the importance of actionable early detection for NSCLC.

    Celebrating Cabrini Day: A Reflection on Service, Community, and Purpose

    Celebrating Cabrini Day, Biodesix's CEO Scott Hutton reflects on the legacy of Frances Xavier Cabrini and its alignment with our mission. Discover how we're driven by service, community collaboration, and a commitment to transforming personalized diagnostics in Colorado and beyond.

    Infographic: What is a Lung Nodule?

    For Lung Cancer Awareness Month Biodesix created an infographic to help explain the problem of lung nodules and how physicians take care of them.

    Pulmonologists Responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic

    We are committed to supporting patients and health care providers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Biodesix will continue lab operations without disruption to provide diagnostic testing for patients with, or at risk for lung cancer.

    REAL WORLD DATA: Performance of Blood-Based Proteomic Profiling in Immunotherapy-Treated Advanced Stage NSCLC Patients

    The VeriStrat® proteomic test was designed using mass spectrometry combined with our proprietary artificial intelligence platform. View case study!

    Biodesix Biopharma Communication in Response to COVID-19

    Biodesix is monitoring the COVID-19 news, including all recommendations from our local, state, and federal health agencies. The world is grappling with an issue of enormous scale and human impact, and our hearts go out to all who have been affected by the outbreak of COVID-19.

    CASE STUDY: Longitudinal Monitoring for the Emergence of EGFR C797S resistance mutations in NSCLC using blood-based Droplet Digital PCR

    Case study on Longitudinal Monitoring for the Emergence of EGFR C797S resistance mutations in NSCLC using blood-based Droplet Digital PCR.

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