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Andrew McPherson: A Beacon of Strength in the Fight Against Lung Cancer

Life often presents us with challenges, testing our strength, resilience, and spirit. Andrew McPherson’s story is a testament to the human spirit's tenacity and the profound impact of life’s unexpected turns.

Andrew led a life synonymous with health and wellness. Fitness was his passion; a healthy diet was a staple, and smoking was nowhere in the picture. But health isn't just about what's visible. For a year, Andrew grappled with consistent illnesses, and more alarmingly, episodes of coughing up blood. He felt something was amiss but pushed his concerns aside, as many people often do.

Everything changed just before Thanksgiving 2016. An unsuspecting lung nodule spotted on a scan culminated in a chilling diagnosis: stage 2A adenosquamous carcinoma, a relatively rare form of non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC). At just 28-years old, with a blossoming career in medical device sales, a loving wife, and a newborn daughter awaiting him at home, Andrew was now standing face to face with an unprecedented challenge.

With unwavering determination, Andrew underwent a grueling 11-hour surgery in early 2017. The procedure was a success, and the medical consensus was clear - no further treatment required. Embodying resilience, Andrew was back at his beloved gym shortly after his discharge and returned to work within a month.

Yet, the profoundness of this life event stirred something within him. Drawing inspiration from his own battle, Andrew decided to channel his energies into something larger than himself, committing his career to educating and empowering healthcare providers and patients to take action. He joined Biodesix, leading the Mountain Region team as their Sales Director and serving on the Board of Directors for A Breath of Hope Lung Foundation, an organization that fights lung cancer by funding innovative U.S. lung cancer research, raising awareness and supporting lung cancer patients and families.

Reflecting on his journey, Andrew remarks, “This ordeal is the primary reason I joined Biodesix. It's the silver lining to the dark cloud of cancer that hovered over me. The friendships I've formed here, the phenomenal people I've met – I wouldn't trade this experience [for anything.] If bearing this burden means sparing someone else the pain, I'd do it all over again. I’ve realized the strength within me. Now, every day holds a purpose.”

We at Biodesix are privileged to have Andrew, with his survivor strength and infectious optimism, at the helm of Team Biodesix. As we wrap up Lung Cancer Awareness Month, Andrew’s story serves as a poignant reminder: Lung cancer doesn't discriminate, and awareness is a year-long commitment, not confined to November. Let's champion this cause throughout the year!