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Pulmonologists Responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Nodify Lung™ testing service used for assessing the risk of malignancy of pulmonary nodules remains available. We understand that the coming weeks are going to be challenging as many of you will be required to suspend or reduce your clinics in order to respond to community needs in critical care facilities and prevent further spread of COVID-19. We want to assure you that we are doing everything in our control to continue our lab operations without disruption and deliver test results quickly for you and your patients.

Remember, Biodesix can schedule the blood draw for your patient away from the clinic or hospital, either at home or in a local patient service center in any area where such services are not prohibited by government orders. As services such as nodule management clinics may be impacted in the coming weeks, Nodify Lung testing remains an important tool for helping you assess the risk of malignancy of pulmonary nodules. Results can help identify patients with lung nodules at higher or lower risk of malignancy and can be used to triage these patients using telemedicine during this time of limited resources.

The Biodesix team is available to help train staff, coordinate blood draws, and work with other providers to care for patients with pulmonary nodules. We are here to support you as you prioritize your time and resources for patients with urgent needs.

Contact Biodesix Customer Care at (866) 432-5930 or your local Sales Consultant with any questions or requests.


James Jett, M.D.
Co-Chief Medical Officer
Steve Springmeyer, M.D.
Co-Chief Medical Officer