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Clinical Lab Products: Predicting the Effectiveness of Anti-PD-L1 Therapy

In the study, ddPCR detected PD-L1 mRNAs with a dynamic range of 32–138 copies from plasma. If validated, such a test could offer additional information to physicians.

Overcoming Immune Blockade in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer | Biodesix

Promising initial findings demonstrate the technical feasibility of the PD-L1 circulating blood test.

The Pathologist: Has Tumor Profiling Caught Up to Cancer?

Dr. Skibo discusses how ddPCR-based liquid biopsy could become an indispensable method for doctors to categorize a patient’s disease.

Global Engage: The Future of Droplet Digital PCR

Article from Global Engage, interviewing Dr. Gary Pestano and Dr. Hestia Mellert about the future of droplet digital PCR.

The Pathologist: Battling Lung Cancer in the Tobacco Belt

Dr. Paul Walker describes how liquid biopsy testing helps battling lung cancer in the tobacco belt. The advantages of liquid biopsy for lung cancer.