How does Biodesix® make molecular testing easier for your practice?


Biodesix Lung Reflex tests integrates real-time measurement of genomic and proteomic biomarkers to inform tumor mutation status and the impact of the patients’ immune response to their tumor. This innovative testing strategy is simple, easy, and fast for the office and for patients. Faster results and more comprehensive information expedites results and time to treatment.

Changing molecular testing for patients with NSCLC….one blood draw at a time 

✓ Easy – using one blood draw, one order form and one combined kit minimizes confusion and streamlines patient result reporting and reimbursement support

✓ Clinically Relevant – actionable results inform rapid treatment decisions and prognostic conversations with patients

✓ Fast – 72 hour results for GeneStrat and VeriStrat® testing can decrease time to treatment

✓ Patient-focused – one simple blood draw saves patients the time, expense and risks associated with surgical biopsy

✓ Collaborative – reflex testing gives pulmonologists, pathologists, thoracic surgeons, and oncologists each an opportunity to expedite results and time to treatment


Multi-omic results from Biodesix Lung Reflex testing throughout the continuum of care

Biodesix Lung Reflex integrates GeneStrat and VeriStrat testing from one blood draw for real-time measurement of genomic and proteomic biomarkers. For newly diagnosed patients with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), GeneStrat® testing detects actionable mutations to inform targeted therapies for NSCLC. Patients with EGFR, EML4-ALK, ROS1 AND RET positive results are candidates for targeted therapies. Patients with EGFR negative results will reflex to VeriStrat® testing to better understand prognosis and find additional treatment options upon progression of disease.

Patients with a VeriStrat Good status are likely to benefit from platinum-based therapy, while a VeriStrat Poor result identifies when patients have more aggressive tumor growth, and may not respond to standard of care. These patients are candidates for broad molecular profiling to identify rare mutations that may present options for alternate therapies or clinical trials.

For monitoring progression on EGFR TKI therapy, GeneStrat provides sensitive EGFR T790M detection from blood, with no tissue re-biopsy needed. Patients with an EGFR T790M positive result are candidates for third generation EGFR-TKI therapy. Additionally, VeriStrat is predictive of therapeutic benefit from EGFR-TKIs.

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