Biodesix is committed to providing reliable, patient-specific information to support excellence in clinical decision-making and improve patient care. Particularly with cancer and degenerative diseases, diagnoses often come too late for effective treatment, and subsequent therapies are prescribed using a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Biodesix is rapidly transforming early stage research into clinically validated products to address these issues.

Biodesix’ unique approach and proprietary technology have allowed the Company to embark on numerous development projects. In the field of oncology, Biodesix continues to leverage its platform to research early diagnostic tools for detection of lung cancer in high-risk populations, differential diagnosis of prostate cancer, and stratification of patients based on likely outcome following treatment with targeted therapies.

Recognizing the challenge of obtaining sufficient patient tissue for analysis, we focus our product development efforts on non-invasive tests that require minimal amounts of readily accessible fluids such as plasma or serum.