Immunotherapy – Blood-Based Testing

Advances in immunotherapy are among the most exciting in oncology today.  Drawing on the patient’s own immune system creates the potential for effective treatments with reduced side effects.  Some patients see durable clinical benefit, including long-term survival.

Ground-breaking blood-based classifiers
Biodesix is making significant strides in the development of blood-based classifiers. Mirroring recent progress in immunotherapies for oncology, Biodesix is in the early stages of developing blood tests to assist physicians in stratifying patients to determine, prior to treatment, who is most likely to benefit from immunotherapy. As with VeriStrat® and GeneStrat® Biodesix is targeting results that are delivered to physicians within 72 hours for these novel, blood-based classifiers.

Beginning with Dr. Jeffrey S. Weber’s presentation at the 2015 Society for the Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC) conference,  “Pre-treatment patient selection for nivolumab benefit based on serum mass spectra” , we have published numerous studies regarding our work on immunotherapy tests. Many posters regarding our immunotherapy studies are available on this site. Please visit our Publications and Posters to review all of our recent presentations.

Moving beyond the tissue
Blood-based immunotherapy diagnostics are a major area of research for Biodesix.  Biodesix’ technologies platform facilitates a comprehensive analysis of the cancer-immunity cycle, including the complex interplay between the tumor and the immune system.

Biodesix is seeking additional collaborations with partners in academia and industry to accelerate blood test development for immunotherapies. Contact our Business Development team to learn about working with Biodesix.


Capturing the Immune Phenotype Across The Cancer-Immunity Cycle