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Lung Cancer Reflex Testing


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Biodesix Lung Reflex® testing consists of the GeneStrat® tumor profiling test and the VeriStrat® immune profiling test to provide physicians with timely molecular results to facilitate treatment decisions for patients with non-small cell lung cancer.


There are two sides to every cancer.
Uncover both sides with Biodesix Lung Reflex.

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Delivers guideline-recommended, blood-based mutation results in 36 hours: EGFR | EML4-ALK | ROS-1 | RET | BRAF | KRAS

Learn more about the GeneStrat test


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Identifies a chronic inflammatory disease state associated with aggressive cancer.

Learn more about the VeriStrat test

We are committed to supporting your treatment strategies and improving the lives of patients with lung cancer

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Genomic & Proteomic Testing
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36 Hour Turnaround Time
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Molecular Results From A Simple Blood Draw
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Approach To Lung Cancer Care

There is no out of pocket expense for Medicaid or covered Medicare patients for the GeneStrat and VeriStrat tests

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