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Biodesix to Work with Concentra and Hooper Holmes to Expand Access to VeriStrat®

Biodesix Inc., a fully integrated molecular diagnostic company dedicated to personalizing medicine, today announced the initiation of two strategic partnerships that will provide cancer patients greater and more convenient options for completing VeriStrat testing. VeriStrat® is a blood-based test that helps physicians guide treatment for patients with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC).

To increase the options available to patients whose physicians have ordered VeriStrat, Biodesix is working with Concentra and Hooper Holmes Health and Wellness to collect patient samples for processing in Biodesix’ CLIA accredited central laboratory. The agreement with Concentra will allow patients to access more than 300 Concentra medical centers and laboratory facilities across the U.S. Further increasing options for patients, the partnership with Hooper Holmes provides patients with the convenience of having their blood sample collected in the comfort of their home or location of choice by a certified  phlebotomist from Hooper Holmes’ network of over 9,000 local healthcare professionals.

“Biodesix strives to provide patients and physicians with convenient solutions for sample collection,” said Doug Swan, Vice President of Commercial Operations, Biodesix. “Working with Hooper Holmes and Concentra will help to ensure that more patients have access to VeriStrat testing as our test volumes continue to increase.”

The agreements announced today enhance the Company’s ongoing relationships with regional clinical and laboratory service providers across the U.S.

About Concentra

Concentra, a subsidiary of Humana Inc., is a leading health care company focused on improving America’s health, one patient at a time. Through its affiliated clinicians, the company provides occupational medicine, urgent care, physical therapy, and wellness services from more than 310 medical centers in 40 states. In addition to these medical center locations, Concentra serves employers by providing a broad range of health advisory services and operating more than 260 worksite medical facilities. Through this complement of services, Concentra intends to raise the standard of health by putting individuals first, treating them with clinical excellence, and focusing on their ongoing wellness.

About Hooper Holmes

With presence in hundreds of markets and a network of thousands of examiners, Hooper Holmes can arrange a medical exam anywhere in the U.S. and deliver the results to its customers.  The company’s Portamedic division provides a wide range of exam services nationwide.  Hooper Holmes Health & Wellness provides a complete service for wellness, disease management, and managed care companies including scheduling support, fulfillment of supplies, blood collection kits, medical screenings, lab testing and data transmission.

About VeriStrat

VeriStrat is a serum proteomic test for patients with advanced NSCLC. The test identifies patients who are likely to have good or poor outcomes after treatment with epidermal growth factor receptor inhibitors. Samples are processed in Biodesix’ CLIA accredited laboratory and results are typically reported within 72 hours of sample shipment. VeriStrat has been validated in clinical studies with over 1500 patients. For more information or to order VeriStrat, visit www.VeriStratSupport.com.

About Biodesix

Biodesix is a personalized medicine company focused on the development of diagnostic products that inform treatment decisions and improve patient care.  The Company’s goal is to give physicians more information about the patient and their disease; understanding the clinically meaningful information contained within each patient’s molecular profile leads to better care and better outcomes. The Company’s unique approach is based on ProTS®, proprietary technology which exploits the power of mass spectrometry and enables the discovery of specific molecular profiles. Biodesix collaborates with clinical investigators to address critical clinical questions, and partners with biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to develop diagnostics to select patients most likely to benefit from novel therapies.


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