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Lung Nodule Treatment

Confidence in the path forward

The Nodify Lung™ blood-based testing strategy helps your physician decide the next steps for managing the nodule in your lung. While most small nodules found are not cancerous, your physician can use Nodify Lung testing to help assess your risk of having lung cancer prior to biopsy.

Is Nodify® testing right for me?

Your physician will decide if Nodify Lung testing is right for you. Nodify Lung test results are used in combination with medical imaging and your health history to help assess your risk of cancer.

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Insurance Coverage for Nodify Lung Testing

Nodify Lung testing includes the Nodify XL2® and Nodify CDT tests. Our experienced team will seek coverage for you and work with your insurance company directly by filing your claim. We have also created the Biodesix Assist Financial Support Program™ for patients to help provide affordable care.

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