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Nodify XL2 Test

Help identify patients with likely benign lung nodules

Nodify XL2™ testing supports clinical decision-making so physicians can more confidently identify patients with lung nodules who have a reduced risk of malignancy and may avoid unnecessary invasive procedures.

Nodify XL2™ testing helps decipher if a lung nodule is likely benign, instilling confidence in the recommended path forward for both physicians and patients.

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Which patients are right for Nodify XL2 testing?

The Nodify XL2 test is intended for patients with incidental lung nodules:

Clinically Validated Results

  • The Nodify XL2 test measures two proteins associated with an inflammatory response to lung cancer to help physicians identify nodules that are likely benign2.
  • In the PANOPTIC study2, Nodify XL2 demonstrated a median test performance of 97% sensitivity with a 98% negative predictive value (NPV).


The Nodify XL2™ blood test helps direct next steps in lung nodule management

Dr. Susan Garwood from TriStar Centennial Medical Center discusses lung nodule management and the Nodify XL2™ test


There is no out of pocket expense for Medicaid and covered Medicare patients for Nodify XL2™ testing

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Financial Assistance

We understand the financial stresses that health issues can place on patients. We have created a financial assistance program for patient with financial responsibility to assist in providing affordable care.

To learn more about our financial assistance program, please contact our Customer Care team at 1.866.432.5930.

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Interested in ordering a Nodify LungTM test kit?​

The Nodify Lung Blood Specimen Collection Kit is used for both the Nodify CDT™ and the Nodify XL2™ proteomic tests.


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1. Swensen SJ, Silverstein MD, Ilstrup DM, et. al. "The probability of malignancy in solitary pulmonary nodules. Application to small radiologically indeterminate nodules." Arch Intern Med. 1997 Apr 28; 157(8):849-55.

2. Silvestri G et al. "Assessment of plasma proteomics biomarkers ability to distinguish benign from malignant lung nodules." CHEST. 2018 Sept. 154(3):491-500.