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Next generation sequencing

A high throughput, massively parallel sequencing technique that can generate large amounts of clinically relevant genomic data from blood or tissue.

NGS Platform Overview​

We offer a broad range of blood and tissue-based next generation sequencing (NGS) diagnostic testing solutions, including comprehensive cell-free nucleic acid assays, tumor mutation burden testing, and immune response analyses. We use ThermoFisher Ion GeneStudio™ S5 Prime systems for sequencing and data analysis.

Key Benefits of NGS at Biodesix

sample-types2 Blood & Tissue
Sample Types
bdx-clock-icon Fast Project Turnaround
3Asset 28 Custom Designed
icon-target Highly Accurate
lowinput Low Sample Input
targeted2 Targeted &
Comprehensive Panels​

Oncomine™ Pan-Cancer Cell-Free Assay

  • Targeted plasma-based panel for the detection of actionable driver and resistance mutations with a low limit of detection down to 0.1%.

  • 52 genes, 272 amplicons, >900 hotspots and indels, fusions and copy number variations.

  • Preferred 2x10 mL tubes of whole blood

  • Three-day workflow.

Download the gene list

Cancer-Specific Assays

Targeted plasma-based assays for the detection of actionable driver and resistance mutations with a low limit of detection down to 0.1%.

Oncomine Tumor Mutation Load Assay

  • TML is becoming a relevant predictive biomarker for response to immunotherapies.

  • Assay looks for 409 key cancer-driven genes, spanning 1.7 Mb of genomic space.

  • Requires as little as 20 ng of tumor DNA from FFPE.

  • Three-day workflow.

Download the TML gene list

Oncomine Immune Response Assay

  • Designed to measure the expression of 395 genes involved in tumor–immune system interactions.

  • These genes play important roles in the tumor microenvironment and are involved in functional pathways such as lymphocyte regulation, cytokine signaling, lymphocyte markers, checkpoint pathway, and tumor characterization.

  • Requires a minimum of 10 ng of total RNA isolated from FFPE tissue.

  • Three-day workflow.

Oncomine Immune Repertoire TCR Beta Assay

  • Measures the response to tumor antigens through clonal assessment of T-lymphocytes.
  • Short-read sequencing assay interrogates the CDR3 region of the TCR beta chain.
  • Compatible with both blood and FFPE.
  • Three-day workflow.

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