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A Look at the Future of Blood-Based Companion Diagnostics

Three leading experts in liquid biopsy diagnostic development, Gary Pestano, Viresh Patel and Dawne Shelton bring you invaluable insight into the developmental blueprint for blood-based IVDs. They will be showcasing novel case study data on the development of blood-based MSI, ALK, ROS and RET assays.

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Building Value for Liquid Biopsies in Oncology

Paul Beresford, PhD
Chief Business Officer

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MALDI-ToF is a mature technology that first rose to prominence in the mid-90’s. Learn about how we put this workhorse to use to accelerate protein analysis and test development.

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The VeriStrat Data Story

Linda Traylor, PhD
VP of Clinical Development & Medical Affairs

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Why Proteomics?

Heinrich Röder, DPhil
Chief Technology Officer

Mark Duncan, PhD
Senior Director, Proteomic Technology Development

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Pre-Analytical Variable Considerations in the Development of Robust DNA and RNA ddPCR Assays

Hestia Mellert, PhD
Director, Molecular Product Development – Biodesix

Presented April 4, 2017 at American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C.

Successful detection of biomarkers is dependent on controlling pre-analytical variables, such as peripheral blood collection, processing, and shipment and storage methods. Learn how Streck blood collection tubes can help preserve valuable samples for liquid biopsy assay development. Biodesix will describe their pre-analytical considerations with the GeneStrat® Genomic Test. GeneStrat is a blood-based series of ddPCR tests for DNA (EGFR, KRAS, BRAF) and multiplexed assays for RNA variants (EML4-ALK, ROS1, RET). In this presentation we will update on test and specimen collection kit design considerations, feasibility and product development studies. We report on post-launch test performance using the included Streck blood collection tubes.

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Whose Patient is it Anyways? – The Oncologist Perspective

Paul Walker, MD, FACP
Chief of Hematology/Oncology
Brody School of Medicine
East Carolina University and Vidant Medical Center

Presented February 18, 2017 at the 11th Annual Global Lung Health Summit in Amelia Island, Florida

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Victoria’s Story

We recently traveled to Texas to speak with Victoria Bannister, who discovered that she had lung cancer during an unrelated doctor visit in early 2016. While seeking treatment she became frustrated with the long turnaround time on traditional tissue biopsy results and learned of Biodesix’s Genestrat and Veristrat Liquid Biopsy tests. After having her blood drawn she had her results in under 72 hours and was able to proceed with a targeted therapy days before her tissue biopsy results were ready. Watch our latest patient video below and listen to Victoria describe her experience.

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Applied Machine Learning in the Development of Immuno-Oncology Diagnostics

Applied Machine Learning in the Development of Immuno-Oncology Diagnostics”, with Dr. Mario Sznol (Yale Cancer Center) and Dr. Heinrich Roder (Biodesix).

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