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Biodesix Receives 2011 North American Cancer Diagnostics Product Differentiation Excellence Award

Biodesix Inc. a fully integrated molecular diagnostic company dedicated to personalizing medicine, is pleased to be the recipient of Frost & Sullivan’s 2011 North American Cancer Diagnostics Product Differentiation Excellence Award.

frost awardThe Product Differentiation Excellence Award is a prestigious recognition of Biodesix’ accomplishments in the cancer diagnostics industry, and of their first product, VeriStrat®. VeriStrat is a serum proteomic test currently available to help physicians guide therapy for patients with advanced lung cancer. Frost & Sullivan’s market research and analysis identified a critical need in lung cancer patient management for additional diagnostic information that enables better treatment decisions, particularly after initial therapy has failed. Frost & Sullivan analysts conclude that VeriStrat addresses this market need and state that “Biodesix’ VeriStrat test is changing the approach to the current paradigm of mutation-driven cancer diagnostics and measures instead an integrated effect of the host/tumor with respect to different drugs and drug combinations.” In the Best Practices report, analyst Winny Tan further notes that “Biodesix raises the bar in personalized medicine diagnostics by investing significantly in validation, clinical research, and basic R&D. The company is a best-in-practice diagnostic test developer for an industry that lacks clinically validated biomarkers through a commitment to improving patient outcomes.”

“We are honored to receive this award from Frost & Sullivan,” commented David Brunel, Biodesix’ Chief Executive Officer. “We are proud that our hard work to bring products for personalized medicine to physicians and patients has been recognized.”

In evaluating companies for the award, Frost & Sullivan considered key industry challenges that should be addressed by a differentiated diagnostic test, and benchmarked Biodesix’ performance against competitors across five key metrics: Unique Features/Functionality; Quality/Complexity; Customization; Match to Target Market Needs; and Brand Perception of the Uniqueness of the Product. Biodesix was selected as the leader in the cancer diagnostics category after garnering top marks in the Frost & Sullivan customized Decision Support Matrix, an analytical tool that compares companies’ performance relative to each other with an integration of quantitative and qualitative metrics.

About VeriStrat
VeriStrat is a serum proteomic test for patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). The test identifies patients who are likely to have good or poor outcomes after treatment with epidermal growth factor receptor inhibitors. Samples are processed in Biodesix’ CLIA accredited laboratory and results are typically reported within 72 hours of sample shipment. VeriStrat has been validated in clinical studies with over 1500 patients. For more information or to order VeriStrat, visit www.VeriStratSupport.com .

About Biodesix
Biodesix is a personalized medicine company focused on the development of diagnostic products that inform treatment decisions and improve patient care. The Company’s goal is to give physicians more information about the patient and their disease; understanding the clinically meaningful information contained within each patient’s molecular profile leads to better care and better outcomes. The Company’s unique approach is based on ProTS®, proprietary technology which exploits the power of mass spectrometry and enables the discovery of specific molecular profiles. Biodesix collaborates with clinical investigators to address critical clinical questions, and partners with biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to develop diagnostics to select patients most likely to benefit from novel therapies. For more information about Biodesix, please visit www.Biodesix.com.

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