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    The GeneStrat® Liquid Biopsy Test Earns Approval from NY State-CLEP

    The GeneStrat test, a liquid biopsy test used in lung cancer, has earned approval from NY State-CLEP, along with several other demanding certifications.

    Biodesix® and Positive Bioscience Announce Partnership to Bring Cancer Tests to India

    The Positive Bioscience agreement will make GeneStrat and VeriStrat tests available in India

    Biodesix Oral Presentation At SITC: Testing Methodology May Identify Primary Immunotherapy Resistance In Patients

    Biodesix is making an oral presentation at SITC regarding a testing methodology that may identify primary immunotherapy resistance in patients

    Biodesix Leaders Share Commercial and Pipeline Updates at Annual qPCR and dPCR Congress

    Biodesix leaders shared commercial and pipeline updates at the annual qPCR and dPCR Congress

    New Data Show Biodesix’s VeriStrat® Test is Cost-Saving, Improves Survival and Quality of Life in Advanced Lung-Cancer Patients

    VeriStrat test saved an average of $1,050 per patient while improving survival outcomes (as compared to patients treated without the use of the test).

    Lung Cancer: VeriStrat® Test Identifies Patients with Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Lung Who Are More Likely to Have Improved Survival on Afatinib Therapy

    Peer reviewed journal: VeriStrat test identifies patients with squamous cell lung cancer who are more likely to have improved survival on afatanib (Gilotrif)

    Biodesix Announces New Data Demonstrating Analytic Validity of Automated RNA Extraction from Plasma with the GeneStrat® Test

    Biodesix announces new data, presented at AMP2017, supporting the analytic validity of automated RNA extraction with the GeneStrat test

    Data Published In AACR Journal Suggest Biodesix® Test in Development May Identify Melanoma Patients Who Could Benefit from Checkpoint Inhibitors

    Findings in the AACR Journal on melanoma patient outcomes after anti PD1 therapy; a serum protein signature predicted survival.

    New Study Shows Advanced Diagnostic Tests, Including the VeriStrat® Test, Can Help Physicians Improve Cancer Care Planning and Reach Quality Measures For Patients

    A new study demonstrates that VeriStrat can help physicians improve quality care and cancer care planning for patients with advanced lung cancer.

    New Study Shows Biodesix’s VeriStrat Changes Treatment Decisions for Lung Cancer Patients; Reduces Over-Treatment at End of Life

    A new study published in Current Medical Research and Opinion shows that VeriStrat changes treatment decisions for patients with lung cancer.

    Study Published In Managed Care Regarding Prognostic and Cancer-Care Planning Value of Biodesix’s VeriStrat® Proteomic Test

    A recent study published in the peer-reviewed journal Managed Care affirms VeriStrat; demonstrates the value of the VeriStrat lung cancer test

    Interim Results from Biodesix® Study Indicate That VeriStrat Testing Impacts Treatment Decisions Across All Stages of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

    Interim study results: Veristrat testing impacts lung cancer treatment in all stages; early stage patients get significantly different treatments after test

    Biodesix® and Bioyong Announce Agreement for Joint Development and Commercialization of VeriStrat® Test in Greater China

    Biodesix and Bioyong announced a $38M deal for development and commercialization of VeriStrat in China.

    2018 Preliminary Private Payor Rate-Based Payment Amounts Released for Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory Tests; Biodesix Commends CMS for Committing to On-Time PAMA Implementation

    Biodesix commended the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) for publishing preliminary 2018 rates for clinical diagnostic laboratory tests.

    Biodesix Presents Cell-free DNA Process Optimization for Liquid Biopsy Test

    Biodesix is presenting two talks on DNA process optimization at the Cancer Genomics Consortium

    Clin-TOF Successfully Integrated into VeriStrat® Workflow

    Clin-TOF successfully integrated into VeriStrat® workflow

    Blood-Based Diagnostic Assay Measures Immunotherapy Biomarker PD-L1

    Biodesix released data at ASCO-SITC on a new assay that measures PD-L1 in the blood of cancer patients.

    Study Results from Biodesix’s Immunotherapy Test Will Be Presented by Dr. Jeffrey Weber

    Dr. Jeffrey Weber will present study results of new Biodesix immunotherapy test at ITOC4

    Genestrat Liquid Biopsy Testing™ Now Includes ROS1 and RET Mutations

    Biodesix's GeneStrat liquid biopsy test now includes ROS1 and RET mutations. The test helps physicians make treatment decisions for cancer patients.

    Biodesix Blood-Based Diagnostic Testing Approach To PD-L1 Detection Shows Concordance with Immunohistochemistry

    Blood-based diagnostic approach to PD-L1 testing that shows concordance with immunohistochemistry; new data presented at EORTC

    Biodesix® and Progenetics Announce Distribution Agreement for Israel

    Biodesix and Progenetics have entered into an international agreement; Biodesix tests will be available in Israel for the first time.

    Biodesix Presents Data From Three Studies at AACR Annual Meeting

    New Biodesix data on liquid biopsy genomic tests, evaluation of biological processes underlying mass spectrometry proteomic assays of human serum

    Biodesix to Present Study Data: Blood-Based Diagnostic Testing for PD-L1

    Biodesix will present data on blood-based diagnostic testing for PD-L1 at ASCO-SITC 2017; ddPCR test measuring mRNA expression from immune and cancer cells

    Biodesix To Present Data at SITC Annual Meeting

    Biodesix will present posters and an oral presentation of data at SITC 2017 Annual Meeting.

    Biodesix Announces Data To Be Presented at AACR Annual Meeting 2017

    Biodesix will present data from three studies at AACR 2017 annual meeting, on genomic and proteomic assays.